Hi you. My name is Patrick Tomas. I’m 16 years old, a junior at John F. Kennedy High in La Palma, CAFBLA Southern Section President, a son, a brother, a geek, and a friend. I’m proud to be all that I am. I think a lot and act really weird. Examples being I spaz out when I get poked, or say the weirdest and out of place things. I also have a funny top lip. I smile. A LOT. My friend says that lip always makes it seem like im smiling. lawl. Yoshhh. I like yellow, brown, DIY, chic, retro, GTD, Nintendo, Apple, the names Atlan and Jerrick, and Pokemon too. ahha. I’m filipino, or flip or whatever you call it aha. Im brown, though I sometimes would like to be lighter. I like what asians call slippers, not sandals or flip flops. 🙂

I have big dreams that I was to accomplish. I want to be known in the world. I dont want to work for someone. I want to be my own boss. Sounds like something that some 37 year old guy would say after he got sick with his job. I’ve been thinking about this for years- and I’m only 16. People say I have potential. I know I do. But until I get a chance to startup something, I cant really use it. Being 16 doesn’t let you do much in a financial and legal sense. Again, I have really big dreams. I’m constantly thinking of ideas and new aspects everyday. One day, I’ll hope I know that I’ll make it.

’tis me


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