oh joy.

Today has been a laid back, yet stressful day. First, it was mothers day. Everyones all nice and loving to their moms on one day a year. Why not everyday? I find this world puzzling every minute. When my mom came home, she came in, and I greeted her with hugs and kisses and that “Happy Mothers Day!!!” greeeting . She’s happy and all. When she was watching TV, she comes out with that I have to start driving. I’ve told her this a lot of times, but I cant hurry it up any faster. I have to wait 6 months no matter what. I can’t get it any faster than that. Then an arguement goes on and on. She says I never practice. I have no time to practice. The only time they want to practice is at 6 a.m. in the morning. Would you think it’s safe for a 16 year old who just woke up to drive? nahh. Dangerous. They insist on it though ahah.

I was also looking up a ton of business ideas today. I found this website called squidoo.com and they had a lot of cool stuff on it. First of all, its based on lenses. I dont know much, but I went through the top 100 and a lot of that info was pretty nice. One of the topics was about how to make a successful cafepress.com shop. I signed up for cafepress in January, hoping more ideas would come to me for a shirt. A lot have come, but its ideas that have been done. Way too many people are doing it. But I’ll still market them eventually ahha. Niche marketing. Thats something I need to do as well. My ideas are always scattered. As you can see in this blog. I have no way of keeping things organized. My way at the moment is writing everything down on paper. It helps to keep that idea, but I dont know what I do with that paper after. It gets lost in my room. I need organization ahah.


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