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These past two days have been tiring in two ways. Monday was stressful and today was because of sickness. Monday was pretty normal except for STAR testing for Physics. And that I could barely breath at all. My sinuses were congested like no other. All I was doing was looking at the clock to see when class ends. I was seriously miserable. After that I had tutoring with Kalvin again. He was a bit better this day. He still needs to work on his sentence building though aha. I left twenty minutes earlier to set up for the chamber mixer. I got picked up by my friend Cheri. I gave her tips on driving…even though I dont even have my license and I think I personally suck at driving aha. It was funny seeing her get nervous >.>

The chamber mixer was at Centerpointe Salon and Spa in La Palma. I got there a bit late because I needed to get Ice and stuff. We set up and people came. I think it went pretty well. We got financial donations for going to FBLA National Conference. It was funny when Sabel thought the bowl I was holding was for donations, which in turn was really just for the raffle xD. Im going to be helping the chamber of commerce this summer now with their newsletter, and business directory with mrs de leon. I hope this might get me a good job and awesome networking with these business professionals. 😀

I hope I’ll also be able to do the senior video for next year. My friend Daniel did it this year. I need to buy my own camera and stuff, as well as learn to edit videos pretty well. He gets into all the dances and stuff and events for free as well as going and doing everything the seniors do. I’m really interested in that. Plus the 1k that we’ll get keke.

Thursday I’ll be going to San Jose/Sunnyvale for a new CA FBLA state officer meeting. I need to do a lot right now to get things going. I have the initiative, but I need to work on my “diligence” part of my campaign speech.

I was sick today though.  I went to the doctor and she said I had no infection. it was a “virus” Even though my mom said I had a sinus infection. Thennn she told me to take 2 30mg tablets of Sudafed and 2 500mg tablets of Tylenol x.x. Wow.

Ohh and I went to Asia Buffet and ate 3 plates of King crab legs.



oh joy.

Today has been a laid back, yet stressful day. First, it was mothers day. Everyones all nice and loving to their moms on one day a year. Why not everyday? I find this world puzzling every minute. When my mom came home, she came in, and I greeted her with hugs and kisses and that “Happy Mothers Day!!!” greeeting . She’s happy and all. When she was watching TV, she comes out with that I have to start driving. I’ve told her this a lot of times, but I cant hurry it up any faster. I have to wait 6 months no matter what. I can’t get it any faster than that. Then an arguement goes on and on. She says I never practice. I have no time to practice. The only time they want to practice is at 6 a.m. in the morning. Would you think it’s safe for a 16 year old who just woke up to drive? nahh. Dangerous. They insist on it though ahah.

I was also looking up a ton of business ideas today. I found this website called and they had a lot of cool stuff on it. First of all, its based on lenses. I dont know much, but I went through the top 100 and a lot of that info was pretty nice. One of the topics was about how to make a successful shop. I signed up for cafepress in January, hoping more ideas would come to me for a shirt. A lot have come, but its ideas that have been done. Way too many people are doing it. But I’ll still market them eventually ahha. Niche marketing. Thats something I need to do as well. My ideas are always scattered. As you can see in this blog. I have no way of keeping things organized. My way at the moment is writing everything down on paper. It helps to keep that idea, but I dont know what I do with that paper after. It gets lost in my room. I need organization ahah.

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